Monday 11 May 2020

Nebosh IG2 Risk Assessment practical guidance

Nebosh IGC new syllabus has two units, Unit 1 is Open book examination and paper two is practical assessment, where the learner has to create a risk assessment based on their workplace. 

We have made an excellent guidance for you to prepare risk assessment. IGC Practical Guidance - Click to watch the video. 

Tuesday 15 October 2019

Nebosh course fees

Why the Cost is Vary for Different Learning Partners? - Answer from Poshesolutions
Nebosh course fees

Nebosh course fees charged by the Learning Partners may fluctuate on various elements. 

Smaller gathering sizes, extra balanced help and stamping and input on counterfeit assessments all
will, in general, make course charges higher. Anyway an increasingly costly course is not really better;
universities are frequently ready to get to open financing, which may empower them to finance
expenses for their students. 

When picking a Learning Partner and looking at costs, you ought to guarantee that you recognize
what is incorporated into their expenses and whether there are some other expenses or charges
to consider. 

For instance; Depends on the facilities and other requirements the Charges vary. Some Learning Partners quote a cost comprehensive for the 
Nebosh payment consists of enrolment and enlistment charges; others require the expenses to be paid not withstanding the course cost. Some Learning Partners affords the lunch and refreshments or reading material at the expense of their course.

Thanks and Regards,

Priya - PosheSolutions

Friday 28 June 2019

NEBOSH Courses on E-learning

Do you Want Nebosh Certification? but No Time to Spend for Nebosh Qualification?
Don't Worry! Here the poshe Solutions Offering you the Nebosh Courses on Distance Learning.

We give a bundle of NEBOSH education that is online to you - this sort of instruction is
interactive, easy to use and flexible.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate is now available as a flexible, easy to use
and interactive learning options. NEBOSH qualification is most popular for the health
and safety Organisation.  

Nebosh IGC Covers the 3 units. 2 units are theory and 1 unit is Practical. In E-learning
you will get the material as pdf and study while you free. And Our Trainer will support you
for all your doubt in IGC Syllabus

Can E-learning suits for you?

  • You'll be in control of duration and the rate of your learning
  • It is accessible and flexible 
  • It Gives advancement checks 
  • It provides guidance and remarks 
  • It provides a range of online and interactive techniques such as videos, audio,
  • animation, text and actual life conditions.

Course summary

For information concerning this training course content, please visit our analyzing
NEBOSH International Certificate page that is open.

The E-learning course is geared toward companies who have workers working
outside corporations who must accommodate their criteria to practices and laws,
and the kingdom nationals.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate E-learning will enable your company
to build safety policy and a wellness, promoting high standards of harm and
avoidance in employment sectors all around the world.


This program is assessed by a two hour test after Poshe Solutions and
each unit can assist you.

What will be the prices?

Each class has a 1 year permit for your own knowledge and learning materials,
allowing lots of time to find out the content at a speed to suit you.
Thanks and Regards
  kavin- Poshe Solutions

Tuesday 25 June 2019

5 Best Short Term Courses to Promote HSE Career

 5 Best Short Term Courses to Promote HSE Career

Hi Everyone!! Today I am going to share best and helpful data for your Professional Career. On the off chance that you are considering the Health and Safety preparing and accreditation courses, at that point it's your place to drive in.

Centre your Career in the accompanying International Safety Courses to wind up Professional and Stable Jobs in Health and Safety Career, for example, Safety Officer, Safety Engineer, directors, chiefs, etc

Here the Poshe Solutions offers the magnificent learning stage for finding the top courses in HSE industry where the genuine execution works.

In this blog, you will accomplish more involvement and learning to grow new highlights in your Professional Career.

IOSH Managing Safely 

Depiction: This Course in Mainly intended for administrators and Supervisors to give exceptionally functional learning and abilities to comprehend and handle the work environment issues in wellbeing and Safety.

Poshe Solutions is an Approved Center for IOSH. IOSH MS in Chennai is a compelling and effective instructional class with top driving position in Initiate course of wellbeing and safety.This brands yourself in
  • Singular wellbeing and security learning 
  • Group pioneers 
  • Supervisors 
  • Administrators 
  • Little association proprietors and Directors 

Source : IOSH MS Course in Chennai 

NEBOSH Award in International Health and Safety at Work 

Portrayal: Nebosh HSW is the base course for making mindfulness in wellbeing and security. It discovers the regular perils in the working environment, for example, power, manual taking care of, flame, perilous substances and transport.

Here the Poshe Solutions is for the most part Preferred for the wellbeing preparing foundation for giving Nebosh Qualification. Nebosh HSW is the Level 2 Award Qualification.

NEBOSH HSW preparing in Chennai is the door for apprentices who are from a specialized foundation like common, mechanical, electrical and synthetic to land quick dream position openings by finishing this Nebosh Qualification.

Source : Nebosh HSW Course in Chennai 

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety 

Portrayal : Nebosh IGC Certification is Suitable for Everyone who needs to go into Successful Career. This Course is engaged for a powerful administration frameworks and keeping up universal working environment guidelines.

Nebosh IGC is a Level 3 Qualification and it gives an Excellent activity situated stage in Occupational well-being and security in India and abroad and furthermore offers more openings for work

Source: Nebosh IGC Course in Chennai

NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence 

Portrayal: This Course is mostly intended for authority obligations in wellbeing and security. Nebosh Leadership Excellence Course is for the individuals who turned into a decent pioneer in HSE. It makes the IQ and EI capacities.

Poshe Solutions offers the Best Trainers to explain every one of their Doubts. What's more, we Committed to ensuring for fruitful preparing and results which advancing the understudy's live for a splendid health and wellbeing and Safety industry.

Source : Nebosh Leadership Excellence in Chennai

NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management 

Portrayal: This Course is extraordinarily intended for experts working in the oil and gas, Phrama, and Chemicals ventures. Nebosh Process Safety Management is a dimension 4 Qualification.

Nebosh PSM Course in Chennai acquires Skills and learning in illuminating perilous synthetic compounds and other vitality sources from procedure enterprises.

Source: Nebosh HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management

Friday 24 May 2019

Grow More!! Get the Big Safety Career Opportunities at the hand of Nebosh PSM

Industrialization over the globe causes a large number of individuals to get utilized and appreciate a higher expectation for everyday life.

Nebosh Process Safety Management helps to gain more knowledge in process industries. Be that as it may, throughout the years, there is a noteworthy increment in the quantity of procedure security issues due to the surprising arrival of lethal, receptive, combustible fluids and gases also, different unsafe energies.

So as to address these issues, most of the associations are currently depending on procedure security the executives (PSM) experts, frameworks and strategies to guarantee larger amounts of wellbeing execution.

For effective usage of Nebosh PSM in Chennai and building competency at the individual dimension, it is required to have careful comprehension of Process Safety standards and frameworks.

NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management capability has been encircled in relationship with UK's Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to furnish delegates with a mix of building and the executives abilities for the compelling administration of procedure dangers.

It covers scope of subjects in both specialized and the board viewpoints to create fitness in applying Process Safety Management administration structure in an association.

In addition, as Nebosh PSM is increasing indispensable significance in risky procedure businesses, for example, oil and gas, synthetics, plastics and pharmaceuticals,one can get remunerating profession openings after effective fruition.

Join Poshe Solution for the Nebosh PSM Course in Chennai. Poshe Offer the International Recognized Certified Courses to Shine in Your Career. It Helps to Enhance your career in Safety Works such as Quality, Efficiency in cost, productivity and operations.

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Thursday 4 April 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Bike Sharing in India

 The Ultimate Guide to Smart Bike Sharing in India

Nowadays Everything is Smart for the Smart People like Smart Phone’s, Smart tv’s and now Smart Bike. Our world becoming so smart with the Smart Cities. You might think that I used more Smart in the above sentences Because here we going to discuss the Smart Bike.

In India, For Bike Sharing the Smart bike are announced and used in more cities such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Amaravati. Here you can Rent the Bike Easily.

Okay Now let's See what are the Steps to follow for the Smart bike Rent, Park and Return

Step 1: Register - In our Smart Phone, Go to play store and Download the application “Smartbike Mobility ” and then Register your Details

Step 2: Payment via App - Now Select the Smartbike what you want from the Smart bike parking areas, in that Smarbike the QR Code and the Bike Number is Stuck. Open the App and Scan the QR Code or enter the Bike Number. 

            By Confirming the Bike Number, Automatically the lock will open. For Each Account, you can rent 2 bikes at the same times.  

Step 3: Park - In Case you want to land your vehicle in some place for that you can use Park Option in the Smart app. With that option, you can activate the park and lock the vehicle for some time. 

            And by deactivating park the lock opens and you can drive. For parking time the rental Charges also inclusive. 

Step 4: Return - This is really good. You can return the bike at anywhere of Smart bike Station. Push down the lever to close the lock. 

             And Refresh the smart bike app to Confirm that the rental has stopped.


  • The bicycle looks Elegant in style and lightweight to use and having an automated front and rear LED lights with the joined reflector and having the speed control in three gears. 
  • The inherent GSM, GPS and WPAN components lead the bicycle safe to use.
  • Cycling helps to reduce pollution and Pedalling for a very healthy future
  • Cycling is good for strength and stamina and the fun way to get fit.


Thank you for reading this blog. Hope you get useful information about Smart Bike. Cycling helps to avoid health problems and diseases like depression, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, obesity and arthritis.

For all ages, Riding a bike is healthy, fun and a low-impact form of exercise

Health and Safety is Essential in both workplace and general, for that if you need any Safety training or Safety blogs just follow us and get more tips and information about health and Safety

Thanks and Regards

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Tuesday 2 April 2019

Things to Bear in Mind on Workplace Safety to save your Life

 Things to Bear in Mind on Workplace Safety to save your Life

Hi all. Most of us are well known about the hazard and risk but there is some confusion occurred between the people. Here are some of the guidelines and differences of the Hazard and risk.

Hope your Health and Safety Career be Started, Here you will revise the Concept of hazard and risk which we face in our life. The Basic of Health and safety training will cover in the IOSH Course In Chennai

Likewise, by told earlier there is an important reason to Certify the basics in Safety Course In Chennai yields more benefits on Safety Career. And if you are looking for the best safety training courses or certified courses to improve your career then choose the Poshe solutions for Nebosh Courses In Chennai

Okay Before getting to the topic, now we will first revamp the risk and hazard definitions clearly.

Definition Of hazard:
The thing which has the possibility to make an Injury is called Hazard

Definition of risk:
The tendency of accidents in sequence to high injury which results in more severity at the end

In the Safety Career, everything should be practical, here nothing to memorize the above definitions.  So simply understand the risk and hazards Concepts and difference in practice.

Okay, next we will see the Concepts behind the hazards and risk in the workplace.

 Purpose Of Hazard :

The thing which generating the process, activity, equipment or any substance which make

  • People to Injury - for examples every day we facing hazards like struggling in problems or while reaching office you struct in traffic, or tire puncture etc.
  • Equipment’s loss - Example: unprotected electrical panel can damage the parts effectively while insulation and integrity of the supplies
  • Environmental harm could cause a hazard - Example: Plastics.  Nowadays Plastics are Prohibited Partially so it is good for the environment but still plastics are there to cause the pollutions

For the better clarification of safety measures, we are having a prominent solution such as Safety Courses in Chennai - Poshe Solutions.  Even if you have good knowledge of health and safety but still it matters into Certified Courses of Nebosh IGC Course In Chennai and Iosh Course In Chennai

Hope the hazards are explained Clearly above and next we will see what is a risk?

As Explained above in the definition, the risk may occur at the end after the hazard happened. Risk will happen by the type of injury, loss, pollutions to occur etc.

The Conclusion is that,

The Risk level will be assigned depends on the Hazard happened.

The harm level may determine the cause of  hazards and that may offer the chances to risk

Depends on the Work and the Conditions of the work will cause the harm and that leads to risks

Alright, now we see one good example of risks and hazards to differentiate each other with the level of conditions that exist on the substance. Here we Consider the Sharp objects as the hazard. In this the Conditions apply on the hazards will cause the risk at many levels.

  • The sharp objects are now at a  mid of  gallery  then there cause  high personal involvements 
  • When the sharp objects are in the edge of the person-situation then there is no interference
  • If the sharp object is in  surface level because of the corrosion loss or no corrosion 
  • The sharp object endure while the children’s care home is absent
  • The sharp object also happen while it is in the waste bin

Hope the above examples will understand that the hazards are same but the risk may change depends on the level of conditions exists. Finally, Hope you enjoyed much more here.

At the top, you will understand much better about the hazard and risk. Let’s reply to me whether it is useful for you and your suggestions are welcome as well.

The International Certificate is Effective for the Safety Career. Nebosh Courses In Chennai gives you Complete knowledge of environmental health and safety.

Sunday 31 March 2019

10 things to Consider while you lifting the things manually

 10 things to Consider while you lifting the things manually

Hey Folks, Today We Gonna discuss an important topic. Hope Everyone Gets Useful in the below blog.  Daily we all working Something in physically, it might be whatever work u do may be small or heavy work.

The Safety Education can be accredited Internationally which is essential to all employees in the Workplace and Nebosh IGC Course in Chennai is the added advantage for people to work in Organization

Here we discuss the hazardous Manual handling which is to avoid or attain safely if that occur risks, Some of the Key factors that you need to follow are

  • Lifting Safely
  • Assessing
  • Reducing
  • Avoiding

Okay, Do you Know what is Manual Handling and how to take care?

Manual Handling is nothing much it involves all our basic works in daily life but our work can cause you severe problems so that we have to carry on the following work such as carrying, lifting, placing, taking overweight objects, moving heavy objects, load balancing in hand etc.

In Case if you need any safety training Courses or safety-related Blog you can reach Us.

Remember one thing by doing these work can't make you inquiry the work you handle in the wrong manner, size, grip of things, how long you carrying overweight in wrong position like that matters you and cost you the health problems

Safety Course in Chennai will teach you how to act smartly in the workplace with the co-workers and higher officials in the organization

The poor Manual Handling Techniques causes core muscles injury, back pain, lump, pain in wrists, forearm, shoulder. Avoiding these issues you can handle the task effectively.

Alright Now we see what are the things we have to consider while working on heavy objects or lifting the heavy things manually

  1. Before lifting, think about your Capability - individual Potential
  2. Type of the load - load nature
  3. Circumstances of surrounding
  4. Guidance of how to lift correctly
  5. Management - higher officials of the company 

In that event, it is necessary to lift manually, just follow the below instruction

  1. While you lifting stooping,  twisting can be reduced 
  2. Don't lift Heavy loads above the height of shoulder and level of the floor
  3. Tailor the storage areas in place of load heavy movements are to avoid
  4. The distances of the carrying heavy objects must make small
  5. Check whether the weight what you carry can be asses safely and load carefully else take anyone’s help and avoid the components to break down

The Risk can be increased and injured by doing the work in awkward postures, and continuous actions of legs and arms movements. The safety measures can be experienced through Nebosh Course in Chennai


Avoid the Manual Handling injuries by following the above Instructions. The Safety Training Can be Done in Poshe solutions for all the safety Measures. For the Workplace, it is necessary to train about safety, so that utilize the safety Courses in Chennai to Certify yourself as a safety person to the organisation.

Thanks and regards
Poshe TeamSafety Training Institute In Chennai

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Thursday 28 March 2019

Apply These 9 Secret Techniques To Improve Sitting Postures

  Apply These 9 Secret Techniques To Improve Sitting Postures

Hello Everyone, In this, I am going to discuss how we all need to sit in the Office chair or while working hours. Here Everyone needs this to know how to sit properly.

Here I Want to Convey my heartfelt thanks to Poshe Solutions which is the Safety Training Institute. There they provided all the Safety Tips and the Useful Information about health and safety also providing the Safety Courses in Chennai 

Okay First answer Me! How many Hours Do you guys Working in Office? Are you Comfortable in your Posture? Ask yourself and Answer me in the Comment box. 

Next, I would like to know who are having health issues like back pain, Eyesight problem, Joint pain etc because of too much time taking in the wrong position 

In Safety Training, You will learn more health and Safety Information and how to manage the Environmental Health in every situation. Nebosh Course in Chennai is the best safety training for workplace and general.

Fine. Leave Everything. Throw all your worries and problems. Here you will see how to sit properly in office hours or in Office Chair. First See the Organization having the proper facilities for the Employees. 

The following steps help you to know what is the checklist that you must follow while you working in Office.

1.   First Check that you having the flexible angle and Height of chair seat back 
2.   Your Lumbar must need good Support in back
3.   While you working in System, Yous hands need some support and keyboard must be in the same height of your sitting posture. So flexible chair can adjust the heights
4.   It is necessary that your foot has great support with the floor If it does not support then use footrest that might be helpful for you.
5. The absence of Foot support and over the height of chair brings you more problems in your health such as overabundance on thighs underside and also knees backside
6. Better to have empty space in, under the desk, it helps for postural change and move restlessly.
7. In the time of working in keyboard work your forearms be nearly horizontal
8. Wrists must be in the position of  flat and straight and it has an essential extension when the keyboard is in the correct position with flexible height seats
9. You also notice the head, that the position of your head and the screen heights must be the same.

In general, you need to learn how to be safe in health as well as with the environment. For that, If you want safety training or safety blog just follow the Poshe solutions for Safety Courses in Chennai.


There is no doubt that how to sit and work properly with no health problems. Hope you guys enjoyed the above discussion and it must be most helpful for you. 

The above steps help you to improve your sitting postures and avoid back pain problems and core muscles pressure. The more Safety blogs are waiting for you! Follow Our Blog and Get more Safety tips and join Safety Courses in Chennai for Workplace Safety Ideas and Informations

Tuesday 26 March 2019

This Article Will Score Best for First Aid at Work: Read Or Miss Out

 This Article Will Score Best for First Aid at Work: Read Or Miss Out

Hey If Anybody In Emergency, First Do First Aid For that Person that helps to Protect them from an Injury. First Aid at Work Training Will is done on Safety Media Courses at Poshe Solution.

Do You how Valid the First Aid at Work Certification IS? Each Section Having different types of Arrangements in First Aid.

In the Workplace, Everyone Must get Immediate assist from another employee in the case that might be ill or injured at work.

It is Necessary to have the Following Laws in the Workplace

1. First aid kit with all Equip
2. Concerned delegates must be responsible for first aid arrangement
3. Instruct Everyone About the first aid arrangement

Checklist your First aid needs

The Workplace First Aid Arrangements are depended on the Organization and the nature of the work. In First Aid Training, you will learn about how to handle in every Situation. Safety Courses in Chennai helps to Certify or Qualify you for the Professional First Aid Certified Person.

For First Aid Arrangement, the Organization Must Appoint the First Aid Certified People, because in their training they know what are the  Do’s & Don’t while the people inquired.

Things to be Consider 

1. Which kind of Work to Carry On
2. Harm Causing Risks or Hazards
3. Workforce Capacity
4. Should know the Employees Work Pattern

The Concerned People for the first aid must be permanently appointed to that arrangement and also they include to take care of all the types of equipment, services for an emergency call, facilities etc

And it is Necessary that An appointed person be present at any time of working hours.

First Aid Kit should be Enclosed with the following list such as

  • General Guidance Circular based on First-aid
  • Plasters on Different Sizes
  • Antiseptic Bandages to wrap
  • Safety Pins
  • dressing Materials
  • Disposal Gloves
  • Sterile eye pads

The Responsible Person must Routinely Check the First Aid Kit box, Change the Expired Items of antiseptic and non-antiseptic items

Find the right first aid training for your workplace. Poshe Solutions brings you the Excellent Safety Training in Corporate and also Individual depends on the Safety Courses in Chennai

Thanks and Regards,
Poshe Team - Safety Courses in Chennai

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