Saturday, 25 March 2017

Slip Resistant Surfaces

In order to ensure the safe movement of people slip resistant surfaces should be provided:
  • At the entrance of buildings, for example, a mat that provides both slip resistance and can absorb water brought in on footwear.
  • On designated walkways.
  • On changes of level, such as stairs, steps, ladders, footholds to vehicles.
  • On ramps or slopes.
  • Where walkways intersect with internal transport routes and people may need to stop suddenly.
  • In work areas where spills of liquids or dry contaminants are likely.
  • Where liquids are decanted or containers filled or stored.
  • On access areas used for inspection or maintenance.
  • Locations where workers need to go that are exposed to the weather and where surfaces may become covered in environmental grime or slippery growth.

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