Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Risk Assessment

Some or all of the following issues might affect the hazards faced by pedestrians and should be considered when carrying out a risk assessment.

  • Weather conditions -­ particularly snow and ice.
  • Lighting -­ especially at night.
  • Surfaces -­ the presence of holes in the floor or mud.
  • Unusually high numbers of people. Consider, for example, busy periods such as holiday sales in department stores causing large numbers of the public to be near street works and fluctuations in workloads that could lead to an influx of temporary workers.
  • The effectiveness of existing controls -­ such as barriers.
  • Unexpected movements of people -­ such as shortcuts, entry into restricted areas, emergency evacuation.
  • Special needs for certain groups of people -­ such as people in wheel chairs, pregnant women, and elderly people.

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